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Coaches Check List

o    Download and copy course maps and hand them out to athletes

o    Download and copy meet schedule and hand out to athletes

o    Download lane assignments and have ample copies for athletes. (Lane assignments are not etched in stone, if you see an open area at the 3 minute warning, feel free to move your team to relieve congestion.

o    Download and copy spectator instructions and give to athletes to take home the day before the meet.

o    Bring water to the meet. We cannot furnish water. Bottled water will be on sale in the concession area.

o    Starting procedure :  A loud whistle will sound 3 times at 3 minutes before the race. Another loud whistle twice to clear the starting line at 30 seconds. We will use NCAA starting procedures. The starter will hold the gun and a red flag out to each side. The gun and flag will be raised to the vertical position, when the line is motionless, the gun will fire and the flag will drop.

o    Check in will be at the Gopher Events by the finish chute. Walk up and talk nice to the workers in the tent.  The timing chip for this event is located in the race bib. Make double sure that the bib goes to the correct runner, otherwise, it will show up as an error.  Bibs are to pinned to the front of the runners jersey. 

Please collect the bibs from the runners after they are done. If one of them inadvertently comes too close to the timing mat, it will create a false entry.

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